Grace, A Symbol of Change

This exceptional three-day event conceptualized by Change Muse and endorsed by HSH The Prince of Monaco was the opportunity to recognize Princess Grace’s inspiring legacy in the three main roles of her life, and to celebrate her exemplary contribution to positive change. As a princess, she sparked a real economic, social, and cultural boom in Monaco. As an actress, she set the standard for style with her signature blend of glamour, elegance and sophistication. As a woman, her personality remains an endless source of inspiration and she helped shape fashion history.

The challenge

Conceptualize an event to pay a tribute to the multifaceted personality of Princess Grace and capture every angles of her contribution to positive change. Being able to give a deep and relevant meaning to the event, develop a program that she would have loved and endorsed, and engage all participants to be fully aligned with the vision of the event.

The solution

Create an 3-day event with one day dedicated to each role of Grace Kelly: Actress, Princess, Lady. Articulate the three roles around one leading element: positive change. Research partners and sponsors to embrace the event vision. Change Muse entirely conceptualized and project managed the event, including branding and marketing.

The result

A once in the lifetime heartfelt event, an incredible rewarding success, and people coming from all over the world to participate in the event and share their appreciation for Princess Grace.

I loved and had a lot of respect for Grace Kelly before putting this event together, but in the process of building and managing this event as a tribute, I have developed a new level of appreciation for her and for her beauty, intelligence and grace. I feel profoundly lucky and blessed to have had this opportunity.       Huguette Marsicano

Program detail
Friday 14 September 2012: A Tribute to the Princess – Venue: Hotel de Paris, Salle Empire
  • Cocktail, Auction and Remembrance dinner: A Touch of Grace (menu to include dishes from Ireland, Monaco and the USA).
  • Fashion Show by Jeff Garner: Dress to Change the World, hosted by Suzy Amis Cameron with live musical performance by Robin Le Mesurier and a musical ensemble from the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Art exhibition in Salle Empire by Nikos Floros
Saturday 15 September 2012 : A Tribute to the Actress – Venue: Princess Grace Theatre
  • Mini Film Festival hosted by Women Make Movies and sponsored by Mini – BMW : Can Documentaries Change The World?  (5 documentaries screenings + discussion panel with documentaries directors and producers)
  • Cocktail to celebrate Paramount Picture 100th anniversary with the presence of  Dennis Maguire (President of Paramount Home Media Distribution)
  • Private screening of Hitchcock classic movie ‘To Catch a Thief’ sponsored by Paramount Pictures with the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
  • Launch of Paramount Home Media Distribution Blu-ray DVD version of the movie.
Sunday 16 September 2012: A Tribute to the Lady – Venue: Monte Carlo Beach Hotel
  • First edition of the Monte Carlo International Hat Contest on the theme: Back to the Fifties, presided over by Jimmy Choo and sponsored by Ladies & The City
  • Exhibit of Princess Grace partial hat collection
  • Brunch, Vintage Champagne by Laurent Perrier, 1950’s live Rock ‘n’ Roll and Macarons!

In addition to this program, three art exhibitions were held, all organized by Paolo Muchiarelli:

  • Princess Grace portraits, big format pictures from the Monaco Palace photography archives in The Metropole Gallery (one week)
  • Exclusive photographies from the archives of La Biennale di Venezia in the Princess Grace Theater (two days)
  • Exclusive drawings of Princess Grace by artist Paolo Muchiarelli at the FNAC exhibit space (2 weeks)