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An unconventional mix of people bringing a unique blend of ideas, influences and outlook to create the ingredients of positive change in your company, your nonprofit or yourself. Providing strategy, project management and marketing, we help you design and implement new and better ways to achieve the results you want.


We help businesses migrate from a known and undesirable environment to an unknown environment but promising future. We turn the vision of the future into an articulated strategy and transform the strategy into reality by aligning people, systems and process using inspirational and creative abilities, mixed with passion and care.

Harness the power of change and make it an adventure.

We are flexible and proactive, and we are tireless in our attack on convention. We don’t have set formulas, each client is unique and represents a new exciting opportunity to exercise our ideas and true originality. See our services here

Marketing strategy consulting is tailor-made thinking. What works for one company will not necessarily work for the other, even in the same industry. Being a boutique consulting firm allows us to be extremely flexible in our thinking and in our process and to perfectly adapt our missions to the need of our clients. We also believe that, in an environment both highly competitive and increasingly globalized, Intellectual Property has become a major strategic tool and a showcase of the creativity and dynamism of a company. This is why it is a major part of our services.


We help develop branding solutions to :

  • Create relevant brands or re-invigorate brands
  • Build brand equity and increase brand relevance
  • Write your brand story
  • Innovate with new products and services aligned with your brand promise
  • Develop stronger costumer connections by transforming customer experience
  • Formulate stakeholder communication, community outreach, sustainability reporting, etc. in alignment with your brand
  • Equip and engage employees to deliver on the brand promise

A brand is a coherent ensemble of elements and a well told story. Let us help you tell your story.

Strategic Marketing

We address high-impact strategic issues and solve operational problems at every stage of the value chain :

  • Clarify the nature of opportunities or problems
  • Identify the key levers that will create sustainable, competitive advantage and operational excellence
  • Formulate winning strategies and create new sources of revenue growth
  • Design a practical and actionable roadmap to execute against these winning strategies
  • Improve process and build alignment across the organization
  • Measure progress against relevant metrics
  • Manage the change process

We think strategically, act pragmatically, and deliver results.

Marketing Solutions

Change Muse combine the best in strategy and content development, with the creative, communications and digital skills needed to generate maximum impact :

  • Customer intelligence solutions
  • Tactical & customized marketing programs
  • Channel marketing
  • Creative : the right messages and tools for online, offline, email, mobile, social & SEO
  • Digital & technology : creation of your Web TV, live event broadcast, etc.
  • Experimential marketing : design new customer experiences

“In marketing, product or price are no longer winning differentiators. We focus on the level of customer engagement, relative to the competition.”

Web / digital strategy

We help business with their Web strategy and create a clear picture before implementation. We believe in a proactive, mentor-like partnership to design and implement the best digital path and support you to:

  • Create a project plan before you venture into your web project
  • Develop a relevant digital and content strategy
  • Design, redesign and/or develop your website(s)
  • Promote effectively your Web presence
  • Create a holistic plan including social media, videos, etc.
  • Stay in touch with your clients/leads with an e-newsletter strategy
  • Use the Web as a powerful promotion tool

“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web today. We help you to tell your story with the right words, at the right time and on the right channels.”

Marketing Training / Coaching

Training is an integral part of our service offering, to help you build marketing skills within your organization :

  • Executive sessions and top management coaching
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Customized employee sessions
  • Marketing team training
  • Mentoring
  • Digital marketing training
  • Marketing team alignment, effectiveness and growth
  • Time management solutions for your marketing team

Human energy Is the most critical resource businesses have. We facilitate individual and team growth through positive change.


Change Muse offers the creativity, imagination, experience and expertise to conceptualize, design and execute events :

  • Conferences and conventions
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Incentive travel
  • Product launches
  • Award shows
  • Roadshows
  • Special events

We build events where your brand presence is maximized, your message is heard and the audience is fully engaged.

Our team brings together a diverse range of insightful thinkers making Change Muse both strongly analytical and highly creative. Together, we help transform brands and businesses with the clarity of rigorous thinking and the courage of bold ideas. Key principals :


A strategy and marketing specialist, Huguette is the founder of Change Muse.  She lived and worked in Europe and in the US and brings the perfect blend of knowledge, experience, analytics, strategy and creativity to projects. Her analytical mind and creative approach of any project or issue provide an extensive added value for the clients and the team, and she has an infectious enthusiasm about her work.





Sometimes a “Career Coach”, sometimes a “Life Coach”, sometimes a “Performance Improvement Coach” but when it comes to Marlynn, it all comes down to helping people and companies figure out what they want, identify any roadblocks, and create an action plan to move forward. Her approach is grounded in The Co-Active Model of Coaching with the influences of Stephen Covey, Peter Senge, Malcom Gladwell, and Tom Rath.






With over 20 years experience in culture, media and ICT legal frame, Nicole provides strategic advice on legal, economic and social issues and expertise in lobbying and corporate communications. A former journalist and lawyer at the Paris Bar Association, Nicole also held the position of legal and social policy director of a prominent group and advisor of a major national trade association.






Passionate about the Web, Hasan is expert at building companies overall presence on the internet. This can include core websites, landing pages, back link profiles, Facebook pages and search engine visibility. With an acute ability for fact finding and analysis and a deep understanding of your business, online market and future aspirations, Hasan adds sounding value and supports your goals.




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We are growing a global network of professionals and agencies who share the objective to enhance the intelligence, knowledge, reach and effectiveness for our clients. We bring together the best targeted expertise, we function as a Think Tank that consults and supports our clients in developing customized strategies, tools and campaigns internationally.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
– Henry Ford

Through cooperative learning, expert insight, cultural differences and shared capabilities, we are the definitive network alternative for clients that value entrepreneurship, creativity and flexible full-service business development solutions.


The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.