Sister Cities Council of Tacoma


The Sister Cities Council of Tacoma advances Tacoma as a global city and promotes peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation through citizen diplomacy – one individual, one community at a time – for the benefit of Tacoma and its sister cities. The organization did not have a website and needed one to help in the accomplishment of its mission and to provide greater visibility to the program. The website also needed to have a presentation of each sister city.


Change Muse developed the new website strategic plan, as well as the menu, the look and the content to address all client needs. A specific page format was developed to present each sister city in the same way, and a template was also created to gather the required information from each sister city committee. This allowed for a smooth and quick turn around of the website (more than 20 people involved in providing content…).


The website was successfully implemented and also offered general fundraising options as well as specific program/event fundraising through the Paypal platform. A template was also developed to optimize the gathering of information from the client, to continue feeding the News feed.